Pauw & Witteman

Pauw & Witteman

Pauw & Witteman is a Dutch late-night talk show, hosted by Jeroen Pauw en Paul Witteman. It is generally focused on current affairs and politics. It is broadcast every weekday at 11 pm on Nederland 1. It is produced by Dutch public broadcasters NPS and VARA. During summer Pauw & Witteman are replaced by Knevel & Van de Brink, a talk show hosted by Andries Knevel and Thijs van den Brink, produced by the dutch evangelical broadcasting company, the EO.


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Country: NL

Studio: VARA

Runtime: 50:14 minutes

Quality: HD

First air date: Sep 04, 2006

Last air date: Oct 08, 2010

Episode: 642 Episode

Season: 8 Season

IMDb: 4